Formed in Sharpsburg, Maryland in 2008, Hucklebuck draws inspiration to write music and build marathon sets from an array of rock and roll maestros. The band does their best to buck the trend of slicing and dicing modern music into numerous smaller sub-genres by sticking with the tag line that hearkens back to rock and roll's roots of "It Ain't Country Music, But Smells Like It". With a 2010 release of their debut album "Bender" out there in circulation, their long awaited follow up, "Number 2", is now available. With Number 2, Hucklebuck does its best to explore a harder rock edge by digging into some tones of punk and classic rock guitar licks. All the while, they do their best to keep a foot firmly planted in their country rock roots of Bender with expanded vocal harmonies, along with their always recognizable boom-chick drum beats sprinkled in.